Serves me right for not watching The Voice UK because I knew nothing about Cody Frost. She was teamed up under the mentorship of Boy George and made the final four during the 2016 series of the show. My blindsideness is now coming back to haunt me because Cody has been pumping out her first tracks leading to the recent release of her debut EP “It’s Not Real“. A body of work where she thrives on being unashamedly unconventional. But that’s Cody Frost all over. She is as unique and unmistakable as can be. This applies to her alt-pop tracks also. Including the song “Stomachaches“, which now has some focus thrust upon it.

If you’re looking out for cute pop songs, you won’t be hearing them from Cody. It is distinctly not her vibe. You’ll be better in luck if forward-thinking, lyrically authentic pieces grab you more. As you’ll be swimming ear deep in these kinds of dynamic delights because of the “It’s Not Real” EP catering to these exact strengths. Of the four tracks, “Stomachaches” piqued my interest. a) because it isn’t every day you stumble across a track called “Stomachaches“. b) I suspected it had to have an out of the ordinary story behind it.

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It does. Basically, it is a track written about anxiety and living in a dark place. โ€œI used to live above a pub, and it got broken into a lot. It was a super scary time for me, and I felt really unsafe and alone.” Cody shares

The memorable chorus section. “I get stomachaches, and my whole body shakes like Iโ€™m standing on an earthquake waiting for the ground to break”. Translates this harrowing experience into song. I am liking the music video very much and can’t take my eyes off of it. Mostly because she has a lot of artistic input in it. We see her in an outfit she designed. And there’s also bits where we see some animated drawings conceptualized that were drawn by Cody, herself.

The “It’s Not Real” EP is a brilliant dive into the outlier pop world of Cody Frost. She’s a serious talent with very special songs. I’m already excited for the follow-up although, I don’t even know if she has begun writing it yet.

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