Recently, I shared the music video “Earthquake” by the Norwegian/American indie artist Magnus Riise. Despite being intense, the clip left a lasting impression on me. The video felt wholly authentic and embodied the sincere essence of his work. The song, in fact, forms a part of Magnus’s audio/visual EP project “Until Tomorrow,” which was released in April.

The impact of the video on me was so strong that I immediately felt motivated to check out the rest of the project. Upon further inspection, it instantly became clear to me Magnus has a talent for producing visually stunning aesthetics that perfectly complement dynamic and lyrical narratives in his songs. I discovered “Until Tomorrow,” towards the end of its run. Yet Magnus is still captivating his audience with his latest music video, “Still Here,” as he wraps up the project.

Magnus really knows how to convey powerful messages through his music. His EP release touches on important themes such as queerness, sexuality, mental health, loss, and self-acceptance. His latest release, “Still Here,” is especially noteworthy, as it explores themes of loneliness, grief, and the strength of community in a beautiful way. The music video for the song is also a remarkable feat of creativity and representation, featuring an all-queer cast of deaf performers who use American Sign Language (ASL) to convey the lyrical narrative. The video is co-directed by Jules Dameron, a deaf gay trans man who adds another layer of representation to the project.

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“It is not a common occurrence where we can have so many deaf actors in one place oozing their talent together, let alone queer, let alone sharing their emotion! I have most commonly seen more lighter roles, more comedic roles for deaf and hard of hearing actors. I’m glad to get us in this place, thankful for the collaboration with Magnus, and I’m curious to see what the world makes of it.” Shares Jules DameronCo-director.

This video is a stunning masterpiece, both in its concept and execution. The storytelling is simply outstanding and sets a new standard for excellence. In fact, I am confident that this music video has the power to emotionally touch anyone who watches it. Moreover, the clip has the potential to change the way we view queer representation in the media.

Magnus has undoubtedly achieved something truly exceptional with this project. He created a music video for the release campaign that will leave an unforgettable impression on anyone who watches it. It’s a beautiful piece that truly stands out from anything else out there.

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