I recently stumbled upon a note about the music video for “Earthquake“, a track by Magnus Riise, and it really caught my attention. To be honest, I’ve been somewhat disappointed with many new music videos lately since they seem to be lacking a special something. But this video, directed by Monika Felice Smith and co-starring Barrett Foa, is different. It tells an authentic story that perfectly matches the song’s message, and the overall concept is well-executed. I’ve been looking for a music video that feels more like a mini-movie, and “Earthquake” definitely delivers on that front. Honestly speaking it’s refreshing to see an indie artist like Riise create such high-quality content.

Magnus truly embodies authenticity in his work. His dedication to showcasing heartfelt and genuine portrayals of queer love is truly admirable. “Earthquake” is a powerful and moving song that captures the struggle of returning to toxic relationships, despite knowing that these are not good for you. It’s a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break free from, yet Magnus’ lyrics and music provide a sense of catharsis and hope for those who may be going through a similar situation.

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I just watched the “Earthquake” music video, and it was a really intense watch! The clip showed this amazing, wild queer relationship that was semi-set underwater and had these incredible dance sequences. The chemistry between the two people was so magnetic, but it was also really tumultuous. They kept pushing and pulling each other, and in the end, it was clear that they were going to crash and burn. It was a really powerful and emotional video. It definitely left an impression on me, as it no doubt will, on EQ Music Blog readers also.

If you enjoyed the “Earthquake” video, you should definitely check out the other videos in the series. They are all incredibly powerful and engaging and will give you a really intimate look into this independent artist’s life. I especially recommend watching “From The Ground Up,” the clip to the EP title track “Until Tomorrow” and also the incredibly moving video “For You.” I’m sure these powerfully engaging, intimate visuals will all resonate with you in their own unique way. Enjoy!

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