So often we find when classical and electronic music fuse together the results end up as epic, expansive and otherworldly. A combination which through time has provided a striking amount of hits. From the height of the disco-era with bands such as Boney M and Village People through to Kate Bush in the 80’s. The Verve and Take That following on in the 90’s and onwards to the present day with Clean Bandit taking up the reigns. It is safe to say the fusion of classical elements crossing over into pop turns up more readily than most of us will give full thought to.

One artist, you might not have heard about who experiments in this way is the classically trained singer, songwriter and instrumentalist January Thompson. Growing up in a household with a concert pianist could have seen January follow in her Mothers footsteps. Although, January had other ideas on this and began looking further afield into the electronic genre for kicks.

A tip came into me on “Whelmed” January’s latest album. I’ve just spent some quality time with this enchanting collection of tracks which brings classical culture and pop ideas seamlessly together. The album is one full of intricate layering, pristine production and epically sweeping soundscapes.

Get a taste of this palette cleansing fusion of experimental electronica with the track “Too Soon“. It is beautifully spellbinding both in the soundtrack and visual formats and offers a little uniqueness to stimulate the senses.

Find January Thompson on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/januarymusic
Twitter: @JanuarysMusic
Instagram: januarythompson