As much as electronic pop rocks my tiny world, there are those times when a track from out of this realm speaks out to me and attracts my attention. In my formative years I was exposed to a fair amount of Britpop, the whole vibrant and immediate attitude much of it gave off, became ingrained in my youthful upbringing like a teenage bible of life learning mantras. These were the tracks I used to turn to when I mostly needed to vent some steam. Not the least of it, because these kinds of tracks provided a different aspect of topics covered within their lyrics that most mainstream pop songs avoided. Thus a penchant for indie pop has always sat tightly with me ever since.

So when an emerging indie band pops up on my radar, the urge to check them out remains as powerfully strong as ever it was.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the work of an up-and-coming Australian band called PACIFIC, through their debut self-titled EP which was released last year. The Perth based band commit to seeking inspiration in topics which spark your grey cells into contemplating about day-to-day and world issues from their own perspective of lyrical imagery. PACIFIC place the focus on this as the mainstay of their songs. Also the accent falls to a good measure of melody lead of a combined output of guitars, with synths cutting through into the mix on more than a few occasions. It’s a recipe that has proven to be a hot one when it comes to Indie pop’s evolvement down the decades.

PACIFIC’s finest example of nailing the quirky, alternative sound of indie lies the greatest with the track “Edge Of Nowhere”, which just so happens to be the bands most well received to date. For a track which encourages no obstacle or hurdle to be unconquerable in the pursuit of finding your place in life and making the most it. “Edge Of Nowhere” in turn, directly illustrates the sum of this for PACIFIC, in as much as they’ve put out a song in the hope that people would connect with it.

It’s a fine example of what more of today’s indie pop should maybe take a lead from. And PACIFIC’s music is so hooking. I know that come the time they strike a return with new tunes on deck I’ll be delving right in without a second thought to check them out.