Lauren Mayberry is such a recognizable figure as the frontwoman of Chvrches, the synth-pop trio from Glasgow. This year the band is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its debut album “The Bones Of What You Believe.” (Releasing a special edition release on a multitude of formats). And yet round, with all the celebration, it feels like the appropriate time for Lauren to showcase her first solo music releases as well. Embarking on a solo venture is a valuable opportunity for her to explore a different style of music. Thus allows us to appreciate the versatility of her voice and artistry. This further explains why her first solo offering was a ballad. “Are You Awake?” was a beautiful way for her to demonstrate her capabilities.

For definite, “Are You Awake?” was a bold move for Lauren Mayberry. While her signature style is recognizable as the frontwoman of Chvrches. Her first solo offering demonstrated a different, softer side to her artistry. Although I was hoping for something with more edge, I still appreciated her exploration of a new style of music. However, with the release of “Shame” as her second track, Lauren has definitely upped her game. The song produced by Matthew Koma (co-written with Matthew Koma, Caroline Pennell and Griffin Goldsmith) is masterfully crafted, with a prominent bassline allowing her voice to both emote the song narrative and also act as the melody.

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“I had the idea for a while of a song that had the tagline of “what a shame”, but in a sarcastic way,” says Lauren of the song. “And the word “shame” having a double meaning – the shame you feel and internalize, but what a shame you feel like that and can’t change it”.

In her music video for “Shame,” directed by Erica Snyder, Lauren Mayberry portrays a strong, self-assured image – both captivating and empowering. In this set-up, it is inspiring to see her standing confidently as a solo artist, delivering her words with such emotional intensity. The video perfectly complements the song’s message with its simple yet powerful visuals that add depth to the lyrics. Overall, Lauren Mayberry’s solo venture has been an exciting journey so far, and tantalisingly there is still a way to go.

For a long time, I couldn’t imagine doing anything outside of CHVRCHES, but I think some things that I needed to write had to be done from purely my own point of view. I never really thought I’d write a piano ballad, or a solo album full stop, so life really is full of surprises. I am really looking forward to this chapter and can’t wait for people to hear more of the music.”

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