Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry unveiled some solo music last year, in a ballad “Are You Awake?” and the electronic alt-pop offering “Shame.” In doing so, Lauren noticeably made the pop world aware there is much more to her music artistry than the delicious synth-pop bangers she performs with Chvrches.

Lauren’s musical rebirth as a solo artist has been nothing short of spectacular. Largely thanks to her collaboration with award-winning performer, songwriter, and producer Matthew Koma. Together, they have pushed the boundaries of Lauren’s music in numerous directions, while retaining the core essence of pop. With Matthew once more at the helm of her third effort, “Change Shapes.” Lauren’s music has taken on an even more exciting alt-pop aesthetic. Moreover, infused with a funky edge, that we haven’t seen before.

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Lauren Mayberry’s solo project is a great example of how artists can experiment with their musical style and express themselves more authentically. In fact, she mentioned in a statement that going solo has allowed the opportunity to lyrically express more from a female perspective in themes and narratives. Her latest track, “Change Shapes” is a perfect example of this. The song speaks to how traditional gender roles have impacted her life and career. With this new solo work, she is finally able to write about sexuality and empowerment from a profoundly personal perspective. Moreover, it’s inspiring to see an artist like Lauren use her platform to share her unique experiences.

Lauren Mayberry’s musical journey has been influenced by some of the most dynamic and innovative alt-pop visionaries of all time. Her idols, including Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, and Kathleen Hanna, have inspired her to create music that truly stands out. In her solo career. Lauren has returned to these matriarchs for inspiration, and the result is a richly diverse and captivating pop playground. Her music is constantly evolving and surprising her fans, and there’s no doubt that there’s plenty more to come. If you’re a fan of Lauren Mayberry, then you know that her music is always fresh, exciting, and full of surprises. So keep a close eye on her, because we never know where her next hit song will take us!

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