I always love it when Man Meadow gets in touch by email because seeing the Swedish duos name appear in my inbox inevitably leads to a smile breaking out over my face. Having written about them on multiple occasions previously, I know for certain, they will be bringing to my attention their latest slice of high-energy party styled dance-pop flavours. It’s been quite a wait since 2015, effort “Everybody” which had us up to the dance floor and dancing our bobby socks off. They make their return in 2018 with “Play It Loud” and guess what? It is no less than a club-styled banger than we’ve familiarly become accustomed to from the guys.

The chaps wrote and told me that the track “is written by Chris Meyer, Andreas Öberg and Oskar Persson credited with millions of sold albums and singles” who have had success topping the charts in Japan and Korea. For Man Meadow and “Play It Loud” the brief has been clearly set at producing a track heavy, with feel-good vibes and a theme set around partying till you drop with liked minded souls down at your favourite nightclub.

I’m also pleased to confirm that Man Meadow’s music videos have lost none of their hunger for sharing shirtless clips of their manly ripped physiques. In the clip for “Play It Loud,” we see a montage mostly made up of Fredrik baring his man titties, posing his way through a sequence of dance moves under a strobe light effect as though his life depends on it. There is nothing highbrow or too complex, which can be lost in the meaning of this song. It is simply about encouraging us to go out and have a good time, feel joy in our hearts, and release plenty of happy endorphins. You know what, I can feel a definite spring in my step just by listening to the track as I’m writing up this review to share with you. I’m sure it won’t take much to have a similar effect on the readers of EQ as well.

You know what Man Meadow want you to do…play it LOUD!

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