Man Meadow

The guys of Man Meadow are known to us, not least for their effervescent high voltage tuneage that they so consistently administer to the euro dance-pop arena but also as the Swedish duo who are not so shy in loosing items of clothing in their pop music videos!

On the above basis, you can pretty much ascertain that Niklas and Fredrik adhere to a formula that has served them well throughout their career, and it doesn’t feel as though a change in direction is on the cards anytime soon.

For some, Man Meadow’s neon-brite electro-pop sound might now appear a little outdated by today’s meticulously groomed, profound artistic standards – but you know what? The guys do what they know and continue to do it with a sense of party atmosphere.

So let them!

If you have the sense of mind to do so, make merry with Man Meadow’s unashamedly defiant euro-pop, as they make it with every intention that we cut loose our inhibitions. Now I’m not saying that has to mean, so far as to join in the Man Meadow movement by dis-guarding garments when their tunes strike up, but we surely can manage a little bop of the happy dancing to obtain some carefree release of feel-good factor.

One last thing, I would hate to have lured you into watching this video on the premise that their might be the possibility of some degree of nekkidness selling it, because in this instance there is none of it!

However, if there is an occasion to bring your party pants out of the drawer, Man Meadow’s “Everybody” is worthy of such an action.