New Zealander Thomston certainly does not receive as much press attention as fellow kiwi Lorde does. (Even though both artists share similar styled lyrical prowess). I have an inkling he very much prefers things this way. With that said. He is also keen for his musical artistry to be appreciated, connected with, and related to in some way. Since arriving on the music scene in 2015, there has been progression regarding the style of sound. He has not strayed much from the sonic beginnings that we have similarly witnessed Troye Sivan move away from, though. Thomston’s next album is due Autumn (fall) this year, and the teasers are beginning to filter out. “Magnolia” is a new dreamy offering. A track boosted with a warm sonic allure and lyrics that resonate, touching on the feelings of loneliness and isolation many of us will have experienced more profoundly during the last year.

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“The song is about that yearning for a different place,” explains Thomston. “It touches on isolation and loneliness and tries to paint a picture of a utopian summer where a struggling relationship could thrive.”

What interests me is. What is the significance of Magnolia, why use it as a title for the track? I had to find this out because I am of the feeling, it has nothing to do with the buttery shade of wall paint commonly most used in the 80s and 90s. It has to do with the Magnolia shrub or tree instead, but how does it fit in with the context of the song? Speaking with Hype Medium, he has shared that when living in Texas, the house was made out of Magnolia wood and felt like an apt metaphor for the song. (Check the full interview with Hype Medium here).

The feature on the track from rising singer-songwriter newcomer Zeph (Zephani Jong) provides a splash of liquid gold harmony. Her’s and Thomston’s voices fit perfectly together.

Armed with notable alt-pop sensibilities, and well-crafted arrangements. Thomston adds further flame to the fire with “Magnolia” that he remains New Zealand’s best-kept secret.

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