I don’t think I’ve got to the bottom of, why the Arkansas pop duo joan is called joan. I wrote about Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford’s band last year, when promoting electronically splashed single “Drive All Night.” Yet, even when supplied with a comprehensive press release on the guys, that one fact still remains unresolved for me. And it will remain so for the duration, because “love me better” the new single from the duo is now out. You really NEED to listen to it if you stan 80s pop, or artists like Chromeo, LANY, and Nightly.

This new bop leans more on the funky side of pop. It’s pretty neat and bouncy with pop flavours. When I grabbed my first listen of the track, my head began spinning in a rabbit hole like throw-back reminisce, of “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown. I haven’t thought about that track in years, but joan lead me back to it, and I am thankful, and yes, it still holds up.

The duo is now signed to Photo Finish Records, “love me better” is the first release on the new label for the guys. They’ve recently completed their first headline tour (most dates sold-out,) and now they are ready to roll out a few more of their dizzying pop tracks. I know EQ readers are so, going to listen to this song and will be instantly falling over themselves to partake in some happy dancing. Love, that its infectiously fun, riff-based pop, nothing too deep and meaningful, bright, upbeat and electronic with hip hop motifs wins the day for me, today.

The music video joan has put out is actually rather charming. While it’s basically joan, jumping rope and shooting hoops in their back yard, seems as though they are practising social-distancing and getting some exercise in, at the same time. Sign-o-the-times. Fits the signature brand of joan, yes this is what joan is all about. It’s pretty, excellent if you ask me.

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