In November, I wrote about the Mr Little Jeans track “Jump To Fall“. It was one of the first new tracks the Norwegian musician has released since 2018. Her sophomore album “Better Days” will be released on June 3rd via Nettwerk Records, it has been announced. This leaves me happy-faced at the prospect of receiving more minimalist, electronic-pop offerings from her. The latest track Mr Little Jeans dropped off is “Lazy Love“. A chilled melodic gem of a track that documents unbalanced relationships. When one partner puts the work in. The other partner does not match these efforts.

Monica Birkenes, aka Mr Little Jeans, writes…

“I like to acknowledge the darker side of things in my music, but “Better Days” (the album) is cautiously optimistic. It’s very much me through and through,” she says.

The track “Lazy Love” similarly catches these feelings.

Lazy love“, we’re going down un-manned (could you bring it back, could you bring it back for me). Spelling it out til you understand,” she softly sings.

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We haven’t had a Mr Little Jeans music video since “Good Mistake” in 2015. FACT! A hypnotic short film directed by the renowned filmmaker and photographer Tracy Antonopoulos ends the seven-year wait.

“Monica’s, visceral vocals draw the listener into a cinematic world. Built out and enhanced by dazzling production and grounded in real, honest emotion. With the video, I tried to bring this world to life: telling the story of a heroine being pushed to her limits, both physically and emotionally,” Antonopoulos shares.

As the album title “Better Days” suggests. Despite living through difficult times, Mr Little Jeans reminds us that better days can be found even amid despair. The “Lazy Love” video completely encapsulates this concept for me. I feel this sense of optimism and hope quite intensely.

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