Do you remember the Norwegian musician and songwriter Mr Little Jeans? We featured some of their sweet, lo-fi pop offerings on the blog quite some time ago. It has been a while since we heard from her, but surprise! She is back with her first new track since 2018! (A three-year break from releasing music). I noticed a new Mr Little Jeans track “Jump To Fall” randomly pop up on my YouTube feed, recently. I knew I should check it out immediately. Because of instantly recollecting, being a fan of the Norwegian artists delicate and minimalist style of music-making. And, remembering that she uses softer electronic tones, which work beautifully, complementing her dreamy Nordic voice.

Let’s talk about why she backed away from music…

A statement released by the record label Nettwerk Music Group explains. She wrote the single “”Jump to Fall” before receiving the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. (An autoimmune disease of the thyroid.) Since receiving treatment for the condition. She’s been in and out of the studio writing her forthcoming full-length (TBA 2022 via Nettwerk Records).”

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Jump to Fall” is a song that details the musician and songwriters battle with her inner demons. The coming to terms with her diagnosis. Recognising the symptoms she experienced for a long time, were actually because of an illness. The lyrics of the track are very descriptive of what the condition feels like.

“My mouth is moving, but I’m losing blood. Looking for ways to end the thinking. Turn on the TV, but my mind is mud. Can she not see this ship is sinking”. She sings.

The intense subject matter is brightened up with gently popping electronic beats. These sound a little like the sporadic eruptions microwave popcorn makes. Just, as the snack food comes served, with either a sweet or savoury topping. The sweetly, appealing vocal from Monica sits right atop of this melodically pretty creation. Sparkling in much the same way a sprinkling of sugar does.

Mr Little Jeans signature style is soft and mellow. But, there is nothing slow burn about “Jump to Fall“. The overriding mood is softer. Yet, altogether, the track is an uniquely empowering one.

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