Make no mistake about it, Leah Kate really likes LA, the place where she was born. The emerging pop starlet has written a song about the glamorous state but, more about enticing her lover to take a trip over to the sunshine basked City of Angels with her. The independent artist who currently resides in NYC just can’t get the place of her birth or her sweetheart off of her mind. As she consistently coos numerous pleas of “Come with me to LA, LA.” Quite frankly, when she starts sipping cocktails by the outdoor pool in the music video, I am already caught up in daydreaming of packing my suitcase and heading to the airport.

It’s a little unfortunate my passport needs renewing, and I’ll have to resort to settling for living vicariously through the tempting music video instead. Leah Kate is living the LA life fooling around in the beach waves, rubbing the sunkissed glowing feature shots in, as I would similarly apply a good, generous application of factor 50 sunscreen. Nonetheless, the inviting clip is the feast to the eye of natural beauties in all senses of meaning.

Not only, has Leah Kate packaged a whole lot of sunshine into the music video, she has also bottled up sunny vibes into the tropical pop melody of the song, as well. It’s just a feel-good fun track, built around infectiously incessant motifs with a gorgeously catchy hook to it. It is a song which is simple and effective. Above all else, it is stylised with a carefree groove, which like any good summer romance, will leave you enraptured. They say sunshine is a state of mind, yet Leah is one rising pop starlet who emulates it in song with sophistication and a mature sound. If this song is a good indication of what’s to come I’m pretty eager to hear more of Leah Kate’s songs.

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