Los Angeles-based Mike Taveira is feeling that life needs to give him a break on his new track “Karma.” Nothing seems to be going his way. Life has served him more lemons than he’d find behind the counter at a cocktail bar. His ex moved-on far too quickly for his liking, since they broke up. And Taveira had kind of hoped the ex would be hurting considerably more since things between them got messy, and they parted ways. So he wrote his feelings down, and these feelings became lyrics, and these lyrics turned into the track “Karma.”

It’s no wonder Taveira has been turned cynical about love when he remains caught in his feelings. “I’ve been having trouble being happy for ya, I’ve been trying to turn my brain off to ignore ya.” He sings. “Did Karma take a break and forget about you? Cos, she’s a bitch to everybody but never to you” Mike asks.

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Taking himself off to a practice area, in a bid to curb his frustrations by playing a spot of dodgeball, doesn’t appear to be going terribly well either. The touching music video, created in collaboration with Canada’s Drag Race star Lemon, reveals. The concept of the clip is simple yet highly effective. It makes us feel a little uncomfortable seeing Mike in distress. Yet, is, equally as good at making us feel empathy towards him.

This mellow, r’n’b pop crossover track is especially, touching because Mike has not been afraid to speak with honesty. Mike is big with the ‘be true to yourself’ message. His three releases to date “Heart“, “Curious” and “Karma” thrive off of this vibe. It is what makes the singer songwriter’s, lyrically earnest pop tracks, so much more than just, amplifying melodies made with a vibey mood. Mike Taveira is a true adventurer in the music world today, he is giving pansexual representation a voice in the pop realm. Not only is he staking his place in the pop genre he’s becoming an important figure-head among the LGBTQ+ music community as well.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/taveiramike
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miketaveira/

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