There are next to no parties happening at the moment, (or rather that there shouldn’t be!.) It doesn’t mean we have to forego listening to chirpy, upbeat dance-pop tunes when they have been done right. On the contrary, I’m all for digging in on an electro-pop banger that’s fired up, blazing on all cylinders of fizzing energy. It is, tracks such as these which make the long winter days less dreary. Italy-based indie artist and EDM vocalist; Alessia Labate teamed with the German producer Leonail. Point us in the satisfying direction of obtaining such an intoxicating hit of electronic danceability with their joint effort “Highway.”

This song explodes with positive vibes. The narrative urges us to seek adventure.

“One year ago the song was just about having fun while travelling with friends, now it’s way more: it’s an escape from reality, it’s a wish, it’s a mantra. Can’t wait to play it in the car while riding on the highway! We still have to wait a little bit for that” Alessia states.”

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I love the modern, fresh beat Leonail has worked for the track. It pops with more bubbles than you find in a chocolate Wispa bar. I am glad that music like this is being released by some artists at the moment. And not everyone is busy storing pop bangers away to unleash during the summer ahead. “Highway” is rooted in an EDM style which floods colour into your veins, causing endorphins to rage in your head. It brings on the euphoria feels. It also provides an escape albeit, only in our daydreams. A buzzy dance floor anthem that glides to soaring heights on an unshakable hook. It’s the perfect way for audiences to get to know Alessia Labate.

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Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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