Pop newcomer Alessia Labate struck out with the zingy dance track “Highway” with Leonail last year. It caught my attention because of being a vibey, uplifting effort that pleasurably gave out an intoxicating hit of electronic danceability. 2020 saw the Italian pop songstress and vocal producer forge ahead with her debut releases. Despite not be being able to do any live shows the independent artist still managed to reach #3 on the Hong Kong iTunes Dance Charts with “Highway.” Achieving this level of success early on looks to be a precursor to reaping even more successes through 2021, if the new track “Conversations with Myself” is anything to go by. Alessia continues pulling out all the stops, growing her artistry and fashioning earworm pop hits as though she has been impacting the music scene much longer than just a little more than twelve months.

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“I wrote the song before Covid shook our world,” shares Labate. “It was my first experience writing abroad (in Bucharest) and I felt great about it. I was unconsciously starting a spiritual awakening and the day I wrote “Conversations with Myself” I was really immersed in it. I’m concerned about my behaviours and how they can hurt both me and other people, as I’m not really good at choosing the right words when in an argument. That’s the premise of the song… I’m a really straightforward person and I might come across as indelicate and bitchy when I speak my mind, and I used to be like that even more before Covid.”

DJ / production duo RIVIERA are the beatmakers of the track. The Italian duo has given “Conversations with Myself” a breezy, almost summery feel while looping in tropical beats and evoking the warming glow of the summer sun. Because of this, it is a wonder that the music video wasn’t shot at a beach location. Instead, under the direction of Mattia Giordano, we are witness to Alessia caught up having a serious discussion with her ego. Which let’s face it is a storyline more in keeping with the lyrics of the song.

With “Conversations with Myself” Alessia Labate has gifted us an emotion fuelled, nuanced glorious treat. Her impacting, of the new music scene, goes from strength to strength.

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