I want to talk about “Good Friends” the latest track out from Prudence. Prudence is the solo venture of Olivia Merilahti (one half of the Finnish-French indie-pop band The Dø). This music is a departure from the outlier pop offerings of the duo The Dø. (Although there is an element of it) don’t expect a leap into the mainstream from Prudence, though. Because, once an outlier, forever an outlier. Do prepare yourselves for breathtaking music and melody making teamed with striking visuals. These threads form together to create the upcoming multi-dimensional debut album from Prudence, titled “Beginnings.”

The first thing I noticed about the Léo Chadoutaud directed music video were the cool CGI graphics. And of course, the otherworldly, sci-fi fantasy setting used in the clip. (It would be very, difficult for our eyes to not be drawn to this). The second thing is much smaller. A detail in the lyrics and vocals. It happens during the opening lines of the first verse. And it is this, Prudence has the most eloquent way of delivering the lyrics, “feel like shame” that I have ever heard. I am so struck by the way she has made this statement breathe elegance that it has become the bit of the mesmerising, hypnotic song I look forward to the most.

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Speaking about “Good Friends” – a celebration of universal love – Prudence says; “”Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” by Spielberg was a reference (director) Leo & I had when we started exchanging ideas for the video. “Good Friends” is an allegory about how we make friends with the unknown, without fear”.

The premise of the track is good with wholesome intentions. Of looking out for one another. There is no getting away from the fact, the music video is a splendid piece of digital art. Did I want to see the liquidy blob Prudence befriends morph into a handsome dancing Adonis? Yeah, perhaps a dancing alien would have been pushing the aesthetic a little too far. As far a transforming liquidy blobs go, Prudence lucked in, bagging herself a tasty morsel with the one she got.

Good Friends” has one toe in the left-field and another in the club. Stands out as being quite different, impressionistic and glacial. Because of being a good example of how to push the creative envelope, this is a track deserving of infinite re-listens and contemplation.

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