Today I am picking up with Prudence again after featuring the mesmerising, hypnotic song “Good Friends” last month on the blog. Prudence is the solo venture of Olivia Merilahti (one half of the Finnish-French indie-pop band The Dø). The prep continues for the multi-dimensional debut album “Beginnings” out at the end of the month (May 28th). The next taster offering lifted off the album has arrived as “Here & Now,” it’s a yearning song full of hope, aspirations and dreams being realised. It is also very exquisitely spellbinding as well.

Speaking about her new track, Prudence says;

Here & Now” is a song about time, about moments of bliss. The lyrics were inspired by hours spent contemplating the ocean in all its moods, healing the wounds of the past (“feels just like a cure”). This track is also about transition, when it’s time to start a new chapter, with no regret. Basically, a track that calls for transcendental meditation…”

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The lyrics do more than suggest “Here & Now” comes from a very positive mindset. By listening intently, there is no mistaking throughout the duration of the track, Olivia is giving herself a little bit of a pep talk. “I only say what I really, mean. I only do what really, feels good. I’m going to try everything once,” she instructs. Yeah, she clearly does have a master plan in place.

The song is one of, contrasts, featuring both shivery elements as well as, evoking the shining, bright sun. The sparkly synths are particularly notable, sublime and blissful and will take you off to someplace slightly otherworldly. Adults will soon learn the elegant vibe and lyrics of this beautifully smart track does wonders, for rekindling a youthful spirit.
Sing and dance along while all the time being mindful “Here & Now” has got you covered if you’ve been in search of an elusive rainbow ending.

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