It can be challenging to keep up with the latest happenings in the music world after returning from a relaxing vacation. However, while getting back into the swing of things. I was thrilled to discover a note about the new Madeon single, “Gonna Be Good” in my inbox. Especially since this is a song which truly lives up to its title.

I love it when artists create immersive, dreamy soundscapes that immediately sweep you up, as Madeon does. Particularly with “Gonna Be Good” in mind. It’s marvellous how his music can transport me to another world and help me forget about everything else for a little while.

In truth, my attention was completely captivated by “Gonna Be Good.” And because it’s been a while since I last checked out Madeon’s releases. I therefore, couldn’t help but wonder if I had missed any new tracks since I covered “Love You Back” last year. After looking into it. What surprised me was how large the gap between these two releases is. However, what both “Gonna Be Good” and “Love You Back” have in common is that they feature stunning visual aesthetics that expand on the “Good Faith Forever” live performances.

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Upon further investigation, I found “Gonna Be Good” to be an uplifting song filled with yearning and unwavering hope. It’s like casting a spell, that speaks aloud the things we desperately want to be true. And at its core, it’s about the people we care for. The ones we love and would do anything for, even if we can’t always promise them the world.

Ever since the early days, Madeon has always had a unique approach to producing music. One of the differences that set him apart from other producers is his understanding of the importance of incorporating visually stunning content into his work. He understood long before his contemporaries that this helped bring the lyrical narratives in his tracks to life in a whole new way.

Get ready for a wild ride! The video directed by SWISH PROJECTS is set between reality (reflecting a theatrical setting) and imagination (inspired by Good Faith Forever). So make sure you buckle your seat belts before you hit the play button. An epic experience awaits you.

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