Since the untimely passing of founding member ‘Fletch‘ (Andy Fletcher). I am sure no one. Well at least I, could not blame Depeche Mode (Dave Gahan and Martin Gore). If Andy’s absence made it impossible to continue recording new music for a while. Yet months after, I and millions of the band’s fans are listening to the track “Ghosts Again.” The first single from the esteemed electronic pioneer’s upcoming fifteenth studio album “Memento Mori.” (Releasing March 24th).

However regretful it is to see them now trimmed down to a duo from the original band lineup they were in back in the day. Dave and Martin are doing a stellar job, keeping the band’s famed dark pop aesthetic thriving using much the same creative spark. The track “Ghosts Again,” is every bit melancholy, lyrically articulate and compelling as always.

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I am sure it is in a tribute that they share “Ghosts Again“. Many references in the song advise making the most of the time, we, seize the day etc.

“Wasted feelings. Broken meanings. Time is fleeting. See what it brings. Helloes, goodbyes. A thousand midnights. Lost in sleepless lullabies. Heaven’s dreaming. Thoughtless thoughts, my friends. We know we’ll be ghosts again”.

With the help of director Anton Corbijn, they unleashed another iconic music video which is right up there with the best of the band’s celebrated gloomily modish stylizing. Seeing Martin and Dave locked in a game of chess implies symbolic referencing. Negotiating their next moves similarly mimics the choices and the effects that the decisions they make will have on their daily lives. There is no further explaining to do from me, for the graveyard scenes and the ghostly manifestations that feature further on in the clip. Only to say, that if you’re a DM fan, you will appreciate both the darkness and light connotations of this visual clip.

As previously announced, The Memento Mori World Tour will coincide with the album release. For the complete listing of dates, cities and venues – see HERE

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