I will say that I was intrigued when Ellie Goulding began teasing “Easy Lover,” the singer’s latest release. Also, I hoped Ellie’s “Easy Lover” wouldn’t turn out to be her new spin on the 1984 Phil Collins track that coincidentally sports the same name. How relieved was I when song teasers started appearing? Very! Before, I wasn’t interested in Ellie’s collaborations with rappers. Something about this one featuring Big Sean has had me intrigued, however.

As one of pop’s undoubted megastars, Ellie embraces reinvention and takes her music forward. It is unusual for her to take a back step. But as she explains about the “Easy Lover” release, “This song actually started life about 5 or 6 years ago. I was coming to the end of the “Delirium” cycle and started on some ideas for the next record. I always knew there was something special about this song but it never really had a “home”. We tried many different versions over the years and none of them felt quite right“.

That was until Ellie approached Big Sean with the Julia Michaels co-penned track. The magic he sent back set the wheels in motion for a super fast release date of the Greg Kurstin-produced pop banger.

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You will never hear me complain when Ellie indulges in an 80s style of pop. Her sweet, soulful voice paired with soft, glistening synths is always a soothing treat for my ears. She is again back to sensational form with this song. The clip directed by Sophia Ray is stunning. All of Ellie’s looks where she is given an androgynous styling are amazing. It is my all-time favourite Ellie Goulding video release, for sure.

The press release reads, “Stay tuned for more news from Ellie Goulding in the coming months”.

Seems as if album five is likeliest on its way, doesn’t it?…

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