I hadn’t forgotten about an incoming announcement from pop’s English Rose Ellie Goulding. As I recall, since her summertime release of “Easy Lover” with Big Sean. She asked that we stay tuned for further news that would break in the coming months. From this pre-warning, I believe we all suspected what the announcement would be! Taking to social media this week, Ellie revealed details of her fifth album, “Higher Than Heaven” is due 3rd February 2023. She also has teased a new song from the forthcoming body of work. The track “Let It Die” sees Ellie slip back in with her dancefloor diva side. As she crafts a new anthem for herself that is decked in EDM beats and maximum synth-pop electricity.

We know from her previous albums. Relationships and life situations feature heavily in her work. Consequently, we can assume that there will be further exploration of these themes, as well, in “Higher Than Heaven“.

As if by confirmation. Ellie explains,

Let it Die” is about when a relationship plays out much longer than it needed to.” Where she elaborates; “Instead of giving love to yourself, you spend it all on someone else and have nothing left. (Which is when it can become toxic and harmful). When there is intensity and urgency too quickly in love, there is often a crash, she muses

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It seems she has some strong, creative ideas for the music videos in this new chapter. In a similar manner to the video for “Easy Lover“. (Where she navigates her way through a stunning dance routine). Ellie once again impresses with her sharp moves and interpretation of the song “Let It Die“. In that, the creative direction from Nathan Klein along, with the Carlota Guerrero directed clip. The footage encapsulates a sense of darkness, as well as, expressing passion and intensity.

Since being honoured with the President’s Award by the BMI, recently, Ellie Goulding seems to be doing alright for herself these days. The trend extends to “Higher Than Heaven” and the two revealed singles of the album, since it is shaping up as among her best.

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