Theia is a versatile pop talent with a Midas touch for meticulous, melodies and addictive lyrics. The New Zealand native may not yet be as widely known in the same capacity as the kiwi’s biggest, music export Lorde, but is definitely, hitting the right notes with gorgeous, sultry songs and slickly, smooth vocals. She is already turning heads and being hailed, as one of New Zealand’s most exciting new acts. With simmering tunes that are velvety, and with beautiful harmonic vocal candour. Theia’s classy trademark pop is easy to like, and hard to resist. All of which can equally be said about, the new promotional single “Bye Bye“.

I love how this track thrums along a hazy, humid electronic soundscape of articulate mid-tempo beats, there is something ever so, slightly left-of-centre, appealing about, it. The melody beautifully skips along, but the lyrics do however carry some serious, weight. “It’s written from the perspective of the underdog. It’s a big finger up at the doubters and the haters”, says Theia.

I urge you to tune in closer to this song and you’ll soon hear the pain behind the pop. “Bye Bye” combines a playful, avant-pop aesthetic with irresistible, catchy beats and is bursting at the seams with elegant, quirky, electronic-pop, goodness. The lyrics of the song help to show us that the singer is smart, likeable, and geeky, in a cool way. Off the back of this bold, statement-making anthem I feel comfortably assured we will undoubtedly, be hearing a lot about her, going forward.

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Twitter: @theiaofficialxo