Each week I get sent a tonne load of R’n’B pop-styled submissions that I frankly feel are rather unexciting and boring. There is a tendency to be wallowing and moody in this genre, especially with a soulful ballad. When the emotive dynamic is right, the result is sleek, smooth, soothing with a twinkle of charisma which allows star quality to shine through. I felt this recently, on “Changed“, the superb debut from newcomer JP Saxe.

Follow up release “Anybody Else“, affirms JP Saxe as one to watch. The track is a poignant blend of soul-pop in the vein of Erik Hassle with shades of Years & Years peeping up in the vocals and melody. JP is showing a knack for creating beautiful and introspective songs. He has an excellent voice which has an appealing lilting warmth, full of grace and sensuality. Team it together with a flair for authenticity and emotion in his songwriting, and you’ll understand what makes JP Saxe cool and stand apart from the masses.

Here’s a quote from JP Saxe on the making of “Anybody Else“.

“This song is not about being in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in. It’s about using a conversation about why you shouldn’t be in it as foreplay. The tone of “Anybody Else”, is a combination of sexy and tongue in cheek, and in all of the visuals, Creative Director Deema Alansari and I tried to capture that balance.”

Connect with JP Saxe
Twitter: @jpsaxe