When I look back at the review, I wrote about the JP Saxe track “Changed” three years ago, it leaves me feeling a little shook, to be honest. Little did I imagine. By making an example of Julia Michaels, as a singer-songwriter, who had forged ahead as a pop artist in her own right. A short time, afterwards, both artists would have written, recorded, and had a smash-hit single on their hands with “If The World Was Ending.” Let alone paired up, romantically as a couple. JP Saxe just keeps on, with building on everything he has put in place over the years. Yet, because of “If The World Was Ending” he is well and truly on the pop map now. And, with a lot of interest growing in the follow-up release, which comes by way of endearing, pop charmer “Hey Stupid, I Love You.”

I’ve grown familiar enough with JP’s music to recognise the connectivity to human emotion which comes through in his lyrics. The poetic way in which he writes while developing song ideas, fully embracing, showing his heart-on-his-sleeve. There is a very, real intimacy in each and every track he has put his name on. With “Hey Stupid, I Love You” he shows us cute and adorable. A lighter-hearted take on exploring the inner workings of love and relationships.

A fine blend of pop melody teamed with a smoky, soulful voice. The track is doused with the modern sensibilities we’d expect of playlisted at radio releases. Seeing as JP Saxe has been here before with “If The World Was Ending.” We can seemingly envisage a little bit of him is geared up, hoping to hit similar dizzying heights for a second time. The socially-distanced music video is making me smile so much. It gets its point of purpose across sweetly while also being playful and charming. When all is said and done, spreading a little love can be the light which brightens up one’s day. The adorable music video certainly did that for me.

Connect with JP Saxe
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jpsaxe
Twitter: @jpsaxe
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jpsaxe

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