Belgium, one hundred per cent understood the assignment when sending participant Gustaph to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. His entry with the song “Because Of You,” proved a popular choice, with its themes of empowerment and inclusivity. The song’s funked-up dance groove proved too catchy to resist. Thus, when the votes came in, Gustaph found himself on the left-hand side of the scoreboard. He eventually finished up with a respectable seventh place in the contest.

After a whirlwind summer promoting his now platinum-awarded track “Because of You,” and touring. Gustaph releases his follow-up track “Already Know.”

To tell the truth, owing to his success at Eurovision, I was looking forward to hearing what he would next come up with. Therefore, it felt great to hear that “Already Know” is another dance-pop track. I was also hoping for a meaningful lyrical message like his previous song. Luckily, “Already Know” delivers a powerful reminder about self-worth and how we should never let others treat us poorly. The song, an undeniable anthem, reminds us to walk away from bad situations with our heads held high.

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Gustaph’s music video for the previous single, “Because Of You,” was distinctively alluring, with its use of drag performers, dance performance and voguing. However, creating a music video of fresh ideas that stands out for a dance track is usually a difficult task. However, Gustaph, with creative and real-life partner, director Roen Lommelen, understands viewers crave visual impact. Therefore, they wisely chose Gustaph’s distinctive image and fashion sense to build a unique aesthetic and to make the “Already Know” video a striking visual spectacle.

All I can say is they (Gustaph and Roen) like the colour red in this music video. Whether it was their intention or not, they are visually, making us see red. If this choice was purposeful or subliminal, I think it is quite the masterstroke for them to convey strong emotions this way.

The Eurovision Contest revived Gustaph’s passion for dance, and we are currently witnessing the Gustaph club takeover in full effect. With “Already Know,” Gustaph has proved once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. And since there is no stopping him. It would be rude not to join in and let the dance chart reign commence!

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