Just when you thought Boys On Film was back, here comes Coronavirus! Well, one thing is for certain, we aren’t gonna let this pandemic stop us from reviewing films. You can cancel our film festivals, but until hell freezes over, we’ll still continue to recommend movies for your isolation playlists. 

Phil and I got to see an early screening of Vivarium and due to COVID-19 it looks like it’s run in the theatres was cut way short and it’s been made available on the Apple Store and YouTube to rent already – similarly to The Invisible Man.

Vivarium stars Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg who are the cutest little British/American couple looking to settle down and buy their first house. What should have been a typical trip to the estate agent, quickly turns into a bonkers mind-fuck of epic proportions which asks the question – “What would happen if we put humans into a totally synthetic environment for observation?”

If you ever felt sorry for domesticated and isolated birds, fish and reptiles, you might relate a little bit to this oddly strange movie. 

What did Phil and I think about Vivarium – watch our latest Boys On Film episode to find out…

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