OK EQ Music family, I think I’m finally ready to start reviewing films after spending three weeks away from home, catching as many SXSW and BFI Flare films as I could this year.

And I do have to say, SXSW 2023 certainly had a lot of surprises.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all (and probably my favorite SXSW moment of all time) was being rewarded with an advance screening of John Wick Chapter 4 with Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski introducing the movie and sticking around for a lively Q&A afterwards.

In this Boys On Film review, we discuss the process of getting into these SXSW “special presentations”, why watching Keanu Reeves kick-ass for almost 3 hours is great escape therapy and what the future might hold for the John Wick franchise. Is it the end of an era?

But wait, there’s more…

Here’s the complete Q&A from SXSW – if you’re a fan of John Wick or a mega-fan of Keanu Reeves, you’re gonna wanna watch this footage as it’s the perfect accompaniment to this amazing action film.

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