I was having a really good first time experience of being at The Great Escape this year and had already ticked off some amazing new acts that I really wanted to check out. Then came the tricky situation of a clash of gigs and choosing between a couple of bands I’d wanted to see equally as enthusiastically. In the end it came to drawing straws. I am so thankful that fate had a hand in directing me to go and investigate Noréll’s set at the North Laine Brewhouse.

There was no stage at all at this venue, the trio of Danes were practically mingling with the small but appreciative gathering before them. I was quite taken aback that I was in touching distant and could have probably leaned over and joined in on the drums. Even so, from the moment Noréll struck up the familiar opening chords of debut single “Howl” the atmosphere between the band and the crowd became united in an otherworldly, electronic pop dimension.

I have to take my hat off to Nichlas and Viktor who really provided some ace support and engaging movement from the back of the set-up from behind their keyboards and drum pads. When all eyes could have been drawn to adorable vocalist Marie Louise, my peepers were locked and taking in the panoramic view of all three of them.

This was a fast moving set, which swiftly rolled out a succession of stunning tracks, including “Damage Done”, “The Great Escape”, “Breathe” and “Toxic Love”. Made even more special by the rainbow of love arched over that particular corner of the North Laine Brewhouse, where everybody circled around the band were dancing their socks off, big time. There was no let-up, it was complete euphoria from start to finish. There were chants for encore, and Noréll were poised to give in to the crowds electronic pop hungry demands, for what seemed like a minute or more before Marie Louise very apologetically told us they had to go and make way for the next band to set up.

Time flashed by far too soon, but all was fabulous and I was blown away by the chemistry that happened between everybody, in the immediate vicinity during this set. If you haven’t paid attention to Noréll yet, you really need to turn this around, starting from now!