Before they go ahead and launch their debut EP, Danish newcomers Noréll felt the urge to experiment and embed some of their signature, glacial coolness on a cover song. They haven’t gone for an obvious pick like Robyn or Tove Lo either, the plucky trio perhaps didn’t see either as a challenge enough. So they plumped for something, which anybody who knows Noréll’s music wouldn’t imagine they’d touch, the Swedish House Mafia’s mega, wavy dance anthem “Leave The World Behind”.

Interesting choice, and again not opting for a predictable track option from the SHM’s back catalogue.

Stripping back the tracks original stabbing piano house licks, Noréll jump on board at a decidedly sedate pace embraced by distinctive bittersweet Scandic tones. This is quite far removed from the original cut, in so much that you’d be forgiven if you’d didn’t at first make the association that it’s actually by the Swedish House Mafia at all.

A combination brought about of Marie Louise’s lucidly transcending vocals which bask in a dreamily otherworldly aura, gliding over the mellowed-out production beats shaped by Nichlas and Viktor, act as a complete reimaging of the track. Giving rise to a whole new alternative pop dimension on it, it shows that Noréll are a cut above average and have plenty of creativity flowing in them to see them rise to the top league, in what I envisage as being a very short space of time.