It is almost the end of the week, and I think we deserve a treat this week of all weeks with it being the one-year, anniversary of the UK entering its first lockdown and all. Staying positive during the last twelve months has been a test in itself, hasn’t it? Many of us have turned to our hobbies and interests to help with pulling us through the times when the struggle has felt very real. Listening to music has played a significant part in elevating us when the news broadcasts painted a much darker picture of what has been happening around us. The EDM group LZ7 who hails from Manchester are an outfit that has established their career in spreading positivity through their music. 2019 album “These Are Better Days” being a prime example.

In 2018, I covered the band’s track “Breakthrough” featuring Keelie Walker for the blog. What stands out when I look back at the review is that I noted how vibey and positive the track was. LZ7 are also well known for their engaging live performances. They have found a way to bring some of that exhilarating, live energy to us, in these times of being starved of not going to concerts. The group have made a series of live track sessions. Although, not recorded from a rehearsal studio or their living rooms. The band of Manchester musicians have gone the extra mile, filming live footage of themselves set up on stage. With the full lights and digital animation screens, they would normally use on tour.

I am excited to premiere the live session of the band’s 2018 empowerment anthem “Legends.” The original recording featured American rapper Silentó (“Watch Me” (Whip Nae/Nae.)) The live session features the guest vocals of Stacey Skeete, who is the lead singer of The Kingdom Choir. (They shot to everyone’s attention because of singing at the wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle.)

Speaking about “Legends” LZ7 frontman Lindz shares.

“It is one of the signature tunes from LZ7 re-worked into a live session that brings it alive. The original “Legendsmusic video was filmed in NYC walking the streets where people dream of walking and seeing the sights that people dream of seeing. “Legends” inspires us that we too can do it. We too can make it. To hold tight to hope and dream some dreams bolder than before. The live elements in the live session breath life through the song inspiring the listener to never give up on being the best legend version of themselves that they can be, even in this mad moment in time. Turn it up, have a lockdown dance and keep dreaming! This too shall end!”

What are you waiting for… Not only does this clip raise us up with its positivity. It cleverly immerses us into the experience of being in the front row at a music venue. Don’t hesitate to kick off your shoes and dance your little heart’s out with LZ7.

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