We have been very, lucky here in the UK with the good weather we have had during the last six months. There is still, plenty of sunshine peeking through the windows of my home, today, and the bright days are definitely having a positive effect on my mood in general. As such, I’m wanting to pump up my brain with uplifting music as I’m not anywhere near ready to slink into a playlist of wintry songs as, yet. But course, I’m not the type who is satisfied to listen to tracks which are purely melodically, uplifting alone. The fix is to couple the music with a positive message, and it will hold my attention with far greater purpose. Manchester production outfit LZ7 are on my wavelength. They take pride in themselves in delivering music which falls within an invigorating formula of danceable beats while carrying positive messages in their lyrics.

Breakthrough” the latest single which features Los Angeles based up-and-coming singer, songwriter and actress Keelie Walker is a good example of how to bring these elements together, all with giving the narrative of the song a beating heart. As soon as the track begins, the artists waste no time addressing the hopeful theme of the song. Singing “You can make the sunshine twenty-four, seven. You can make the bad days feel like heaven. I think I found a cure in a world of hurt, this could be the breakthrough.” and within the recurring refrain “In a world gone mad love is all we have it breaks through.” What you will notice is, there are plenty of weather-related analogies used throughout the song. Yes, it is a fact that sunshine makes everyone’s mood that much brighter. The love, light and positivity that has been packed into “Breakthrough” dazzle in a very big way both melodically and lyrically that it is of blinding proportions.

This song will make you feel as though you are riding on the waves of an endless summer. And, that my EQ friends are very much the vibes which have got me feeling especially perky and ready to take on all the world throws at me today.

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