Today is the day Queen Of Hearts breaks her radio silence to give us her first new track in four years. Our electronic pop sovereign is about to send her fans all a quiver. The single is called “Cold.” And is a lot different to anything which made it on to her 2014 debut “Cocoon.” Before anyone writes in to ask us this question, here is the answer, I know many of QOH’s subjects will be over the moon to know. The singer is currently in the process of writing music for her second, full-length album, and will unveil a number of new releases before the end of 2018.

I remember my first introduction to Queen Of Hearts came via a Dreamtrak remix for the track “Freestyle. The track had a definite air of mystery resonating from it. Appeared with a hit of drama and theatrics. “Freestyle” felt extra especially cool, because we didn’t know what we were strapped in for. Or had any preconceptions of what we thought might come next. Nonetheless, we liked it very much. I think that when you have your first listen to “Cold” it will leave you with much the same feeling.

What you will instantly notice about “Cold” is that its style is somewhat minimal in comparison to the danceable fair which shaped the first album “Cocoon.” It has a strong percussive beat which drives the track along, and the Queen’s breathy vocal is even more beguiling and dreamy than you will have remembered it. Once likened as being a combination of “Annie, Goldfrapp a­­nd Kylie” according to The Guardian. Queen of Hearts has lost none of her mysterious, dark pop edge. She was never one to bow to music trends. She’s out on a limb from everyone else still crafting her own niche, which is exactly just how we like our electronic pop here on EQ Music Blog.

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