Queen Of Hearts returned last month with stunning synth charged track “Cold.” It was her first release in four years and did not disappoint in it’s delightful, shivering beauty. The biggest point we noted about the track was how it sounded unlike anything found on QOH’s debut album “Cocoon.” The soundscape introduced, minimal beats which met with a sonically atmospheric style, the breathy vocal was even more beguiling and dreamy than you will have remembered it. “The Water Between Us” is the follow-up. Emotive, touching and tender.

If we haven’t yet hazarded a guess at what has transpired in the years of radio silence and the singer’s reemergence with an airy light, emotive style on board. It is “The Water Between Us,” which reveals the singer’s thoughts and feelings of working through a break up after being in a long-distance relationship. At times with a sense of pain, at times fuelled with philosophical inclinations. The narrative of the song has heavy-hearted sentiments and poignancy on tap.

Even though the theme of the song is somewhat sad, the outcome of pouring her innermost feelings into this track has created a particularly exquisite, heartbreak pop ballad. Simultaneously aching and romantic.”Devastation leads to writing good things”, as Stevie Nicks once said. Queen Of Hearts has captured love, fragility and uncertainty while wearing her heart openly on her sleeve.

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