Singer-songwriter Martay unveils her latest striking track, ‘Anna’. After a busy year releasing captivating productions, including her recent track titled ‘Ily I Do’, released earlier this summer, Martay is back to showcase her impressive talents and mesmerising creativity.

With a signature sound that marries elements from the R&B and Soul genres with the energetic beats of Electronic Dance Music, Martay has been making a name for herself within the Electronic Music realm, capturing global attention from genre enthusiasts as she delivers emotive and moving productions. Having had over ten years to hone her craft, performing and producing music, Martay presents a well-
developed sonic identity characterised by her soulful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. As she displays an innate ability to forge deep connections with listeners through her meaningful and authentic lyrical content, Martay appears as a distinct and unique presence within the genre; with such a powerful sound, it is no surprise that Martay has found herself sharing the stage with top VIP names within Electronic Music including Snoop Dogg, Los Lonely Boys, and Poncho Sanchez, to name a few. Now, Martay is here with her next smash track; an unmissable for all fans of Electronic Music, ‘Anna’ is a dynamic and inspiring listen that is sure to become a firm favourite for followers of this talented Singer Songwriter.

The track opens with an alluring piano line, as Martay’s hypnotising vocals join the mix to guide listeners on an energetic and uplifting journey; a driving beat and full- bodied string pads build the texture of the track, with intensifying rhythmic elements bringing an electrifying party-starter vibe to the mix. As the soundscape is intricately layered with bouncy basslines and punchy synth leads, piano-led breakdowns create space for Martay’s dreamy vocals to shine through. With a euphoric and powerful sound, ‘Anna’ showcases Martay’s impressive skills and unique style that marks her as one to watch closely as she keeps carving out her creative path within the genre. Showing no signs of slowing down soon, Martay has raised the bar yet again with this new release; poised to reach new milestones as she continues dropping hard- hitting releases, Martay is a force to be reckoned with within the Electronic Music scene.

Make sure to follow her across social media to stay up to date on her new releases and upcoming projects. ‘Anna’ is out now and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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