The chill electronic duo Majik impressed me, with their “Under the Influence” debut EP at the end of last year. The release gave us listeners a sizeable taster of the band’s multiple-genre style and versatility as vocalists and musicians. The bands signature sound also touches upon hip-hop, urban and rap. Yet it was, Majik’s slow-burning, dark production and intelligent lyricism which got me on board, and interested. Hurrah, you can rest assured there was no hope of a cheesy summer anthem coming from these two. Instead, they arrive with single “X” just in the nick of time to freshen up our music palettes, from the hurdy-gurdy of club bangers which will get fed into our ears as summer gets into full swing.

It’s nice that Majik sways and bends away from being genre-specific, it means each of their tracks takes on its own characteristics. The only constant, framework which exists in the music style of the duo throughout, is the softly brushed electronic production. Besides “X” is the kind of track which wastes no time perking up the ears by way of one of the best intro’s I’ve heard in a long, long while. The best way of describing the opening section to the song is a bit like being thrust into the twilight zone, and it is a suspense-filled thirty seconds before the track hits its stride. When “X” does, lift-off it does so on a pleasurable, indie footing. Melodically if there was a mythical meeting between the beautiful sonic pop of Aquilo and the indie presence of Bastille, it marks the spot where we would find “X” from Majik.

More than anything “X” is a lyrically driven song, where we find the duo’s frontman, Marcus singing while wearing his heart on his sleeve. The song is both a nod to a destructive relationship and the subsequent struggles with his mental health – something he has chosen to speak openly about, as a sufferer of bipolar and depression. Thus, the sincere, soulful ballad pulls at every heart string imaginable.

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