It took a while to click with me, where I had seen and heard Dylyn before. After a little bit of digging around on the internet, it didn’t take long before I was lead back to her former guise, Guinevere and 2011, fierce pop debut “Crazy Crazy” which got a shout-out in our Poptronik Hot Fuss column, which we ran back in the day. Toronto singer-songwriter Dylyn has been regularly sending in updates to me for around a year regarding a bunch of single releases. The style of high octane pop-punk she had been working in didn’t appeal to me in the beginning but, steadily the Canadian has begun to refine her sound into something I’m quite, taken with on current track “Wolf“.

Guinevere made a conscious decision to take a step back from making music for a brief spell during a period of upheaval in her life. Three years on she has dusted herself down, changed her stage name to Dylyn while ceasing the opportunity to reinvent the style of her music along the way. Mixing the old with the new the Canadian’s reinvigorated sound incorporates, 80s synth and punk garage style drums, to match her deep vocals. The singer comments, “Through the breakups, family breakups, the ups and downs – I was able to release songs chronologically synced to the stages of my emotions. The new track “Wolf” is a direct reflection of how I felt about men post-breakup. You become reckless, rebellious and ultimately don’t give a shit about other people’s feelings.”

I know exactly why I prefer “Wolf“, over and above anything else, the singer has released under her new guise, as stylistically and melodically the song digs into new wave vibes with a particular similarity to Blondie’s iconic hit “Call Me”. The track is a bolshy pop belter that gives birth to synth-punk realness for the millennial age.

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