Josh McClorey has just landed another great track “When Men Were Men” lifted off his fantastic debut EP “Blessings” (also out now). I was so impressed by the Irish man’s track “Puffin’ Clovers” when it was released back in December 2020 and knew I should keep my eye on him. His fresh-sounding indie-pop offerings are one-of-a-kind and very, much my thing. Josh is the sole songwriter of all the four tracks on the EP. His lyricism really does shine out on the mini body of work. If pushed to pick out preferences, the opening tracks “Puffin’ Clovers” and “When Men Were Men” have a certain edge over the second half of the “Blessings” EP. But, really, it’s all great stuff. A cohesive yet dynamic effort. It is a perfect listen during your screen-break time.

I am particularly loving the track “When Men Were Men” because it authentically explores men’s mental health and how male emotion is portrayed in modern media. The track is written in a very plain-speaking style. Where the lyrics cut-to-the-chase reciting well-known phrases that were at one-time staple responses to men who gave in to their emotions. “You taught me to puff my chest out and keep my head held high. You taught me to grow a pair and get outside and to never cry.” Josh’s songwriting deftly immortalises.

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The track is such a poignant listen. The lyrics really do stick out, because as short a time ago, as when I was growing up. Males were perceived as having certain stereotypes they should live-up to. In 2021 we know better and that having feelings is not a weakness (never was.) It is good someone like Josh McClorey is actively being a spokesman on the subject. As a twenty-five-year-old guy, he has no doubt heard and experienced both sides of the conversation. Realised being kind to yourself is the right solution.

To celebrate the “Blessings” EP, Josh has also launched an exclusive podcast-video series filmed from Blessings Bar in his hometown of Cavan, Ireland, featuring special guests Declan McKenna, JC Stewart, Orla Gartland, and Kid Brunswick. Episode One is out on YouTube now.

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