What I love most about this time of year on the music calendar is that the quieter months teem with newcomers and emerging artists endeavouring to grab our attention. Prominent features like the BBC Sound Of poll, Vevo Dscvr and MTV Push “Ones To Watch” predict the on-the-rise acts. While encouraging music fans to support and discover up-and-coming music talent. While singer JC Stewart has been picked out as an MTV Push artist for 2020. Ireland’s Josh McClorey has spent the last two years playing the guitar for the rising star as well as co-writing with acts such as Yungblud on his #1 album “Weird!“.

McClorey’s intention for 2021 is to release more material as a solo artist. He’s already made a promising start with tracks “Everything Was Easy” and “Crazy“. “Puffin’ Clovers” which is out today (also serves as the title track of the singer-songwriters upcoming EP). A vibier track than McClorey’s previous offerings. It also steers directly into a pop lane that is bristling with indie-pop sensibilities. Of the three taster releases “Puffin’ Clovers” is the one I’d like to hear played on my radio.

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OK, telling the truth, Josh McClorey is more at home with a guitar in his hand, than basking under the neon lights of electronic keyboard sounds. But he’s introduced some soothing, sonic waves of electronica on “Puffin’ Clovers” (the track). Where instantly, I am noticing the effort is quite similar to The 1975I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it“, musical, coming-of-age, era. Josh’s vocal on this track whips up the excite in me. The delivery is, emotive and dynamic. He really sounds like a pop star in waiting because it feels, with all intent and purposes this was the aim all along with creating the mood and style of this song.

Just at the beginning of his solo music career Josh McClorey matches slick, vocals with unmeasurable talent. The sound is fresh, his energy infectious. McClorey has all the potential to catch-on-quick. I’m on board with “Puffin’ Clovers.” Will you join in with the party?

Connect with Josh McClorey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshmccloreymusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Josh_McClorey
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josh.mcclorey/

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