I have fallen in love with this super cute pop track “Trust Issues” from London-based singer-songwriter Liv Dawson. It is a truly lovely song, neither downbeat nor saccharine-sweet nor a ballad but lies somewhere in-between. I was reeled in because the melody is gorgeous, easy on the ears and wonderfully soothing. It is the kind of song I find perfect for weekend listening. A touch mellow with whispery soft vibes and Liv’s beautifully tender vocals.

Speaking of the release, Liv said “I had to open up whilst writing “Trust issues.” It’s about noticing red flags I’d not felt or seen before in a relationship. The feeling of being so vulnerable and not knowing how to handle the situation.”

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Liv comes from the same wheelhouse as Gabrielle Aplin. Both singer-songwriters exhibit an endearing charm about them. Whose tracks more often than not are saturated with a summery allure. From beginning to end Dawson’s “Trust Issues” basks in a lush soundscape, a fitting backdrop for self-examining lyrics about complex emotions in a relationship.

Her stats are super impressive. Over 50 million streams. Support slots for Tom Walker, Jessie Ware, Honne, and a UK & European tour with Khalid under her belt. Although presently, it is the current track “Trust Issues” which is the best affirmation possible of the twenty-two-year-olds, artist-on-the-rise status. Notably, it marks a leap forward in both musical elegance and emotional power. From a well-rounded and cultured singer-songwriter who has the ability and promise to stand the test of time. Proving beyond a doubt, she is one to keep an eye on during 2021.

Connect with Liv Dawson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Livdawsonmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Livdawsonmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Livdawsonmusic/

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