We first began to witness Gabrielle Aplin make the transition from that of a folk-acoustic songstress to pop artist on last years single “Miss You“. The departure in sound introduced an electronic pop styled reinvention which felt effortless and natural. Noticeably, the earthy tones in Gabrielle’s vocals came shining through maintaining the deep and honest connection with her music as has always been the case.

Quite honestly that dreamily hypnotic track with its sparkly, endearing charm, felt as though Gabrielle had found her rightful place pop. In 2017, Gabrielle picks up right where she left off after the success of “Miss You“, returning to the synths and wistfully dreamy eloquence on new single “Waking Up Slow“.

Gabrielle demonstrates a good understanding of pop sensibility and doesn’t lose sight of her emotive and honest songwriting style. It is rather lovely to hear Gabrielle’s sweet voice set to feel-good vibes which are so pure and exquisite.

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