Norway’s latest emerging talent Halie has just unleashed her debut EP. The work titled “Good Kids” is an apt choice of name, coming from the teenage songstress. Like a good millennial, she’s pretty well clued up about what is going on in the world around her. But unlike the majority of youngsters her age, she has this alluring, soulful voice at her disposal which allows her to speak out on topics she cares about. Halie’s powerful and evocative presence on recent focus track “New Fears” got me woke to her. Her distinctive voice continues to work me like a charm as she serves feisty, alt-pop with an intoxicating edge on “Starved” (latest focus, and the opening track lifted from the EP.)

Halie enthuses…
“The EP in whole is about emotions you can get through your whole life, but I think is a little heightened in your teenage years. It is about love, anger, strength, the utter confusion of people with old-school vision, and for switching to a better attitude for 2020. You gotta love a teenage brain.”

With her voice cloaked in haunting, smokey tones akin to that of Lorde. Halie airs her stance on equality and raises awareness of narrowmindedness in general. Minute-by-minute she grows in her conviction as “Starved” plays out. Her powerfully intriguing voice is delivering truths which need to be heard. The drama she creates is engrossing and intense, full of meaning and emotional resonance. Unapologetically herself, Halie’s songs are ones that grab us – pull us in and urge us to take a cold hard look at ourselves. “Starved” is gritty and uncompromising, and has some serious bite. Although Halie has made quite a noticeable impact with her previous singles. It is with the power, of this latest cutting impression, that we really know, Miss fierce has well and truly, arrived.

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