There really is no let-up with the Scandinavians, they continue to be unstoppable in nurturing brilliant new pop music talents. Quite honestly I make no apologies that the Scandinavians have had the lions share of features on this blog, during recent weeks. The Norwegians and the Swedish, in particular, have really struck out with some great tracks. Sure, they are never, not on point, but as of now, they are streaking ahead, systematically dropping off pop gold. This week, eighteen-year-old, Norwegian HALIE has unleashed the confidently alluring track “New Fears.” Which see’s her coming under the EQ Music new artist spotlight because she’s remarkably good, for one who is so young.

HALIE isn’t like many other of her native, ethereal songstresses. She possesses a rather full-bodied, smoky vocal which immediately makes her stand out among the crowd of up-and-coming Scandinavian acts. You’d not be wrong to look upon her as Norway’s own Dua Lipa since I have noticed that her voice exhibits a similar deep, husky timbre. Mesmerising, steely, gorgeous. “New Fears” adheres to this, we get to hear the splendour of her deeper register range. Helping to recognise, this is a voice which is soulful and anchored beyond-it’s years.

New Fears” is about embracing your fears and, just do it. Even if it doesn’t fit into society’s way of doing stuff. It is supposed to show people how I cope with my fears, acknowledge them, but then again just, do it if it brings me closer to my goals!” – HALIE

A powerful and evocative presence. HALIE sings with pure sincerity and conviction. She’s another star-in-the-making under the direction of MADE management who also look after Sigrid, AURORA, Moyka and jens. Within that roster of acts, it is HALIE’s unique, distinctive and versatile voice which instantly leaps out. She’s an eclectic, talent who is most worth keeping an eye on.

Connect with HALIE
Twitter: @Haliemusic_