It’s great to hear that indie-electro duo Capital Cities is back with a new track! They dropped their song “Skeleton Man” last week, and I’ve been seriously enjoying the funk-pop-laden effort. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I fully expect more spooky tunes to emerge in the coming days. Therefore, I thought it best to share this bewitchingly good track early rather than become overlooked. Regardless it is exciting to have Capital Cities return with a new release. Especially since this offering is their first non-collaboration since the 2018 sophomore album “Solarize“. In any event, I am definitely curious if this means there’s more new music on the way from them.

I love this duo’s ability to incorporate brass instruments like trumpets into a pop genre. That they release music that feels fresh and current is simply remarkable. Even though the lyrical theme of their latest track, “Skeleton Man,” is not but any stretch of the imagination ordinarily scary. The song is still an absolute banger with plenty of bone-related references. For example, personally, “I stumbled home. Can’t find a bone to pick tonight” is my favourite line from the song.

Ryan and Sebu of Capital Cities, say…

“This haunting groove — featuring production contributions by Jonah Walsh and wailing trumpet ridiculousness by Spencer Ludwig — stirs the insides of your rib cage.

We’re living in dark times. We hope this provides a moment of cheer”.

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The lyric video is also charmingly creative, comprised of footage from Disney’s 1928 ground-breaking classic “The Skeleton Dance” that seamlessly fits with the song’s momentum. It is remarkable how well the old and new come together in this artistic marriage. Particularly when bearing in mind the Disney clip itself is all but 100 years old.

Wow, it is somewhat interesting that the duo is giving away FREE DOWNLOADS of the track, especially without requiring sign-ups. (Although I wish to point out mailing lists are a failsafe way to stay connected with our favourite artists). However, this is still a great way to encourage people to check out the new track and get even more excited about the prospect of upcoming music. (This makes me even more convinced some new stuff is likeliest on the way soon.) I am definitely, shooting over to their website and grabbing a copy of “Skeleton Man” for myself. EQ readers who are similarly interested to snap-up a free download – head to this link!

FREE DOWNLOAD “Skeleton Man” – Capital Cities

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