Just like every New Music Friday, I, along with most us wait for the glut of new tracks to drop in the hope that at least a smattering of them turn out to be good. In truth, weeding the gems out has become all the more easier to zip through owing to the updating of Spotify playlists.

All week long I’ve been waiting for Capital Cities summery suited EP to be unleashed because these two dudes seem to have the knack of knowing where a melody is at. Additional to this, I couldn’t envisage that the duo would wade into the oversaturated tropical house trend either. Summery sun kissed tunes are definitely on the bands minds though, because the EP is under working title “Swimming Pool Summer”.

The guys have been calling out for feedback on listeners personal favourite track off of the EP, and I thought this would be my chance to wade in and express my preference, as it seemed to me that the synthy enriched tune “Girl Friday” was being pushed forward as the main focus of this release. I’m not so sold on that particular track as I don’t consider it works out the best and there’s no real necessity for a Rick Ross guest appearance rapping expletives. But I’m onto the guys because I think they’ve strayed away from their winning formula in the hope of baking something of a new direction and a stab at cross promotion. The track I’m gunning for is “Drop Everything”, as it seems far more fitted to Capital Cities usual sonically manicured sound. Sometimes it’s best to stay with what you know and do especially well then go out on a limb. The bubbling and frothy synth-pop cut of “Drop Everything” is the epitome of Capital Cities musicianship for me.