I was busy going through my inbox this weekend, catching up on all the blog submissions. However, I decided to take a break from reading emails and scroll through some playlists instead. That’s when I stumbled upon the new Bronze Avery track “Sex In the Room” on the Popjustice New Music Friday playlist. As an independent artist that I have covered on the blog in the past. I was instantly drawn to give the track a listen. It did not disappoint!

Actually, this track was more to my liking than a lot of the new music that’s been coming my way this week. The Orlando native Bronze Avery, is apparently gearing up for the release of a new project called “Heatwave.” “A collection of summer songs made to make you sweat”. And this latest number definitely does that – it’s a high-energy synth-pop track with a driving dancefloor beat. Of course, it’s easy to assume we know what the song is about, but do we really?…

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Bronze Avery shared this on his social media.

“This song is my love letter to women. Throughout my life, women have raised me, supported me, protected me, and helped me celebrate every inch of who I am. It’s only right to do the same in return”.

We’ve all heard empowerment songs dedicated to lifting one another up. But what really strikes me about this one is that a gay man chose to celebrate women in this way. It’s really touching to see such a heartfelt tribute to the fierce ladies who are always there to support others. This is an anthem dedicated to all amazing women who have our backs, a celebration of female empowerment that reminds us of the strength we all have within us. I think there’s something truly alluring about women who are allies and champions for others, and I personally, feel so lucky to be a part of that community. So let’s raise our voices, celebrate our strength together and stream the heck out of this track, “Sex In The Room.”

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