Let me put it out there, Bronze Avery dished out a very, good debut EP last year, did you happen to catch onto “Retrospect“? I must admit to being a little bit late on it and stand-out tracks “Messy” and “Goodbye.” Once aware, I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance on missing out when the next music dropped. I exercised the necessary measures (i.e., I followed him online) enabling me to swoop in on the follow-up helping of Bronze’s dreamy pop. During these days, when everyone around him is forced to film in-isolation music videos or put release plans on hold. Bronze has had new material primed and readied. He rewards the pop world with “Boys!

In a more normal time, we would be seeing early summer tracks coming through. With so many music festivals now rescheduled, it strikes me that this summer might turn into a damp squib, as far as key tracks are concerned. This is what makes “Boys!” from Bronze Avery all the more special. It seems to me, he’s of the opinion summer WILL happen whatever. The music video is too boy beautiful not to appreciate, and appreciate it, I DO! It’s a celebration of men, liberation and authenticity. Goes without explanation, we are so cool with that.

“This song is about the ups and downs of dating, but ultimately feeling confident in yourself, your body, your sexuality, and using that confidence to have fun! It’s also about my personal love for 𝙖𝙡𝙡 types of boys” Bronze Avery shares via Instagram

Right now, it is hard waking up in the morning without feeling some kind of way. Slipping on our brave faces as we launch into the day which will likeliest be shrouded in uncertainty. The arrival of “Boys!” from its RnB dipped, synth-pop flavours right down to the boy, loveliness shared in the music video sure lifted me up and shook me out of that funk, mood.


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