If you are like me and have been musically stalking the voice behind Disclosure’s “Latch” and Naughty Boy’s “La La La,” you will be happy to know that Sam Smith will release a 3 track EP this summer! The lead single, “Safe With Me” premiered last week on BBC Radio and is a beautiful glimpse of the direction his album may take. The smooth single was produced by Two Inch Punch and will both satisfy your Sam Smith cravings and build your excitement for more.

Until now, Sam Smith has showcased more of an acoustic style in his solo material. His debut single “Lay Me Down” combined r&b vocals with pop arrangements which led me to believe he would focus on vocals over production. I was certain he would save the fancy beats for guest appearances. When I first heard “Latch” I was thrilled to notice the combination of powerful vocals and crafty dance beats. Even some of the best singers tone it down when performing with electronic producers like John Legend did in the 2009 MSTRKRFT single, “Heartbreaker.” Unless it is a sample, big voices and dance beats do not usually pair together. However, Sam Smith has broken the norm. His voice that is big enough for musical theater never lets the bass out shine him. It is a delight to hear that he will continue this trend on his solo project.

“Safe With Me” is a great introduction to what is yet to come.