I didn’t think my connection to the new Gold Panda, “Half Of Where You Live” album could get any deeper. However, with the recent events happening in Brazil I have found another reason to escape in the melodic collection. “Half of Where You Live” contains 11 songs that gently blend together like a score in a movie. The tracks never reach an obnoxious amount of bass and delivers meditative chimes, which signals a Gold Panda tune. Along with the sounds are skillfully arranged electronic productions that stand on the border of downtempo and dance.

The album was inspired by the producer’s journey around the globe as Gold Panda and features tracks inspired by people or places. Just like different cities, each song on the album creates a special mood without overriding the next. You can escape to China in “My Father In Hong Kong,” have tea in “An English House” or visit “The Most Livable City.” Wherever you find comfort don’t forget to visit “Brazil” and play it loud for the world to hear.